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Why does Locksmith door hardware cost you more than the local hardware stores and discount stores? You may think they offer the same products, because the brand name is the same, but here is what you don’t know:

The products you find in the discount stores may very well have the familiar brand names that you recognize as quality products, and when comparing prices, you need to educate yourself on the differences.

It's not enough to know that the deadbolt or knob lock is manufactured by Schlage, Kwikset, or Baldwin. What you need for an apples to apples comparison is the grade of the lock. Your local locksmith will carry a minimum grade 2 and most times have grade 1 available.

What you find in your local discount and hardware stores are grade 3. What differentiates these is not the overall look and feel, but rather the quality of the components that make up that lock. Lower grade series is made with pot metal and the higher grade series is made with solid brass components.

Pot metal is a softer metal that does not hold up under pressure or everyday wear and tear as well as a lock made with solid brass parts.

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